It is common knowledge that Ben Affleck has played the role of Batman on the big screen. He made his debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), before continuing in the role via Suicide Squad (2016), and Justice League (2017).

But what about Superman? Has Ben Affleck ever played the role of Superman?

You may find yourself asking this question if you have ever stumbled across an image of Ben Affleck decked out in the iconic Superman costume. You may have wondered if the image is real and if it is from a movie?

Well, if you have come across such an image, like the one above or the one below, then I can tell you that these are not fake photos. That is indeed Ben Affleck, he is dressed as Superman, and the images are from a movie – but not quite a Superman movie.

Image: ©Universal Studios/Buena Vista International

In 2006, Ben Affleck took the lead role in the mystery drama, Hollywoodland. The film – a fictionalised biopic directed by Allen Coulter – told the story of real-life actor George Reeves.

Hollywoodland centred around Reeves’ life, his romantic relationship with actress Toni Mannix, and the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death. The movie also focused on Reeves’ career, and it is here that the Superman-Affleck connection comes into play.

In 1951, George Reeves played the role of Superman in the black-and-white movie, Superman and the Mole Men. The film saw Reeves take on the part of Clark Kent/Superman, opposite Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane.

The popularity of the Superman movie led to Reeves continuing the role in a television show, called Adventures of Superman. The series – which aired between 1952 and 1958 – ran for six seasons, was hugely successful, and made a household name out of Reeves.

Image: ©Warner Bros. Television

As such, when it came to making a movie about his life, Hollywoodland had to cover the Superman years. Superman was Reeves’ most famous part, and it was also the actor’s final role before his death in 1959.

So, the images that often circulate online, with Ben Affleck dressed as Superman, are in fact Affleck playing George Reeves. He appears in the Superman suit for small sections of Hollywoodland, to highlight a significant milestone in Reeves’ career.



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