This page is for products and material which are highly recommended for readers of I’ll Get Drive-Thru. Any products featured on this page are what I consider must-watch or must-own items for Batman movie fans.

I will continually update this page with new recommendations, but for now here is what I’ll Get Drive-Thru recommends.


Batman The Motion Picture Anthology Blu-ray collection

I’ve written an exhaustive review of the Batman Motion Picture Anthology Blu-ray boxset, which you can read by clicking on the link. The review details all of the material that is included within the set and explains why it is a must-own item that should be in every Bat-fan’s collection.


The Dark Knight trilogy

Image: © Warner Bros Pictures/DC Entertainment

Christopher Nolan’s epic Dark Knight trilogy (Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012)) is a superb interpretation of Batman, the Batman mythology, and the world he inhabits. If you have never viewed these movies, then make sure you check them out at your earliest opportunity as these are some of the best Batman movies of all time.

The Dark Knight trilogy is readily available to rent or buy on digital, DVD and Blu-ray.


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