In this post I am taking a look at a selection of Funko Pop! figures based on Batman: The Animated Series. You may have already seen a number of these figures appear on shelves in toy stores, supermarkets, comic shops or anywhere that sells Funko Pop! figures.

The figures that are discussed in this post are taken from the second wave which includes six different figures: Clayface, Bane, H.A.R.D.A.C Batman, Catwoman, Scarecrow and The Phantasm. I am focussing on three of the figures: Bane, Scarecrow and Phantasm.



First up is Bane, who is sporting the costume he wore during his first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, in the episode that was appropriately titled, Bane. As you can see in the image, this is a clean looking figure which captures the imposing feel of the character.

Bane’s mask includes blood-red eyes, while his belt and boots include little details. A tube (which provides him with access to his Venom drug) runs from the back of his head down to his left arm.

I really like the detail here, as there are a couple of control dials on his wrist-mounted device. These controls didn’t need to be added, but they match up with the design details from the show – so well done Funko.

Bane measures around 4 inches in height and is a good representation of the character.



Onto Scarecrow now, who is my favourite Funko figure out of the figures featured in this review. Just look at how creepy he is!

The figure sports Scarecrow’s second costume from Batman: The Animated Series, which he wore in episodes including Fear of Victory and Dreams in Darkness. This costume is notable for including his straw ‘hair’ which was missing from his first appearance in the show.

As with Bane, the attention to detail he is very good – just check out the stitching! I also really like the rope that runs around his wrists and ankles – he looks so authentic!

Scarecrow is the tallest of the figures in this review, measuring around 5.5 inches. Although not shown here, the figure comes with a translucent base to help keep him stay upright.

Once again, this is a great representation of the character. With his jagged teeth and burlap sack mask, the Scarecrow looks scary and matches up very well with the original character designs.


The Phantasm

And now onto the final figure from this selection – The Phantasm. This character was first introduced in the 1993 animated Batman movie, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.

The design is understated, but is very much in keeping with how the Phantasm looked in the film. However, there are neat little touch like the creases in the boots, or the torn effect of the cloak.

Once again this is another screen accurate depiction of the character, complete with hand axe. The Phantasm measures around 4 inches (the same height as Bane) and as with all of the figures in this review, the head can be turned from side-to-side.


Batman: The Animated Series Funko Pop! figures

Funko have mastered the Batman: The Animated Series line in these figures and while I have only focused on three figures from this wave, the design quality is indicative of the series as a whole. The figures are well-presented, instantly recognisable, and are pretty robust.

These figures are ideal for Batman: The Animated Series fans and Batfans alike. The figures retail for around £10.99 (RRP), but can often be found running a lower price tag if you shop around.


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