There are many ways in which to rate and rank the live-action Batman movies, from individual reviews to percentage scores on aggregator sites such as Rotten Tomatoes. Each site and/or review offers up a different rating, but will give an indication of how popular the film is with critics and audiences.

One way that the films can be rated is via the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). Every film that is listed on IMDb is given a rating based on feedback from the website’s users, with the scores determined from both US and non-US voters.

In this post I am taking a look at the current IMDb ratings for all of the live-action Batman movies, dating back to the first feature-length Batman film, Batman: The Movie (1966).



Batman IMDb movie ratings

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Below is a list of all the IMDb ratings for the live-action Batman movies. This list is accurate as of the day of publishing this post and along with a score out of 10, also includes the number of votes cast.

  • Batman: The Movie (1966) – 6.5/10 (27,927 votes)
  • Batman (1989) – 7.5/10 (317,464 votes)
  • Batman Returns (1992) – 7/10 (256,849 votes)
  • Batman Forever (1995) – 5.4/10 (223,240 votes)
  • Batman & Robin (1997) – 3.7/10 (221,238 votes)
  • Catwoman (2004) – 3.3/10 (103,867 votes)
  • Batman Begins (2005) – 8.2/10 (1,214,001 votes)
  • The Dark Knight (2008) – 9/10 (2,103,415 votes)
  • The Dark Knight Rises (2012) – 8.4/10 (1,408,815 votes)
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) – 6.5/10 (585,894 votes)
  • Suicide Squad (2016) – 6/10 (546,772 votes)
  • Justice League (2017) 6.4/10 (340,680 votes)
  • Joker (2019) – 9.4/10 (26,548 votes)


High rating Batman movies

Image: ©Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Entertainment

As you can see from the list above, Batman movies that rate high on IMDb include:

  • Batman Begins (2005)
  • The Dark Knight (2008)
  • The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
  • The Joker (2019)

All of these films have a rating of over 8/10. The lowest rating Batman movies on IMDb include:

  • Batman & Robin (1997)
  • Catwoman (2004)

These movies rate below 5/10 and are not popular amongst voters.

So, what do the IMDb ratings tell us about the Batman movies? Well, the majority of the Batman films are well received by voters, with most rating above 5/10.

The films that performed better at the box office (The Dark Knight Rises, The Dark Knight etc) rate high on IMDb. The films that performed poorly at the box office (Catwoman, Batman & Robin etc) tend to rate low on IMDb.


Are the IMDb ratings reliable?

Image: ©Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Entertainment

IMDb ratings can change at any time, as voting on IMDb is an active function of the website. The scores are and always will be at the whim of the voting public.

If someone wanted to actively alter the ratings then it would be possible – especially for new movies in the series.

For the older movies it is unlikely anyone would want to actively increase/decrease the ratings to give an inaccurate view of the films. What would be the point?

Do I agree with the ratings?

I believe the scores listed above are a fair representation of the Batman movie series. If I was to personally score the Batman films then I would give them slightly different scores out of ten, but as a general rule of thumb I believe these to ratings to be fine for a broad audience.

Ultimately, everyone has a personal preference when it comes to Batman movies and can rate the films as they wish. But, if you are new to the Batman film series and are trying to get a feel for what is popular and what is not, then the IMDb ratings are pretty useful.



I hope you found this post informative. Should you wish to know more about the Batman movies, including how well they are reviewed/perceived by audiences, then check out my posts: ‘The highest grossing Batman movie’ and ‘The average Batman movie rating on Rotten Tomatoes (with 13 examples)’. These posts look at the financial success of the films, as well as the audience scores.

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