Looking to read a bunch of iconic Batman stories, but not sure what order to read them in? Not a problem, I have a list that will help!

You see, over the years, the Caped Crusader has appeared in numerous stand-out tales, many of which have helped define the Dark Knight for decades. From Batman: Year One and Knightfall, to Cataclysm and Hush these are the stories which regularly appear on ‘Must-read Batman’ lists. And of course, if you want to get into Batman comics, these are the tales you want to seek out.

But if you load up on Batman graphic novels at your local comic shop, what happens when you get all the books home? What order do you read them in?

In this post, I am setting out a timeline of Batman stories. The timeline begins with Batman: Year One – a story which takes place during the early days of the Caped Crusader’s career – and concludes with The Dark Knight Returns III, which is set in the latter part of his life. In between, I have placed the likes of A Death in the Family, Haunted Knight, Contagion, and War Games, amongst others.

Of course, not every Batman story is directly connected and you don’t have to read everything in the order listed below – this is merely a guide. But if you do follow this list it will give you a reading order that will help you navigate through Batman’s crime-fighting career!



The best order to read iconic Batman stories

Image: ©DC Comics

The following list provides a good reading order for some of the best Batman stories:

  • Batman: Year One
  • Batman: Year Two
  • Batman: Haunted Knight
  • Batman: The Long Halloween
  • Batman: Dark Victory
  • Batman: The Killing Joke
  • Batman: A Death in the Family
  • Batman: Knightfall: Part One – Broken Bat
  • Batman: Knightfall: Part Two – Who Rules the Night
  • Batman: Knightfall: Part Three – KnightsEnd
  • Batman: Prodigal
  • Batman: Contagion
  • Batman: Legacy
  • Batman: Cataclysm
  • Batman: No Man’s Land Vol 1
  • Batman: No Man’s Land Vol 2
  • Batman: No Man’s Land Vol 3
  • Batman: No Man’s Land Vol 4
  • Batman: Bruce Wayne, Murderer?
  • Batman: Bruce Wayne, Fugitive Vol 1
  • Batman: Bruce Wayne, Fugitive Vol 2
  • Batman: Bruce Wayne, Fugitive Vol 3
  • Batman: Hush
  • Batman: War Games – Act One: Outbreak
  • Batman: War Games – Act Two: Tides
  • Batman: War Games – Act Three: Endgame
  • Batman: War Crimes
  • Batman: Under the Hood Vol 1
  • Batman: Under the Hood Vol 2
  • Batman and Son
  • Batman: The Black Glove
  • Batman R.I.P
  • Batman: Long Shadows
  • Batman: Life After Death
  • Batman: Time and the Batman
  • Batman: Eye of the Beholder
  • The Dark Knight Returns
  • The Dark Knight Strikes Again
  • The Dark Knight III: The Master Race


I hope the above information has proved useful. Should you want to go beyond this list, then check out my post: What is the best order to read Batman: The New 52?

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