In 2011, actor Ryan Reynolds took to the big screen to appear in the comic book movie, Green Lantern. The film, based on the DC Comics character of the same name, followed the story of Hal Jordan – a test pilot turned super hero.

In the movie, Jordan is granted superhuman abilities thanks to the use of a special power ring. He becomes a member of the Green Lantern Corps, and faces off against the evil Parallax.

Green Lantern acted as an introduction story. It detailed Jordan’s journey to becoming a super hero, and incorporated many key characters from GL lore, all lifted from the comics. 

In terms of comic book characters, Green Lantern is one of DC’s top tier heroes, while Ryan Reynolds is a very popular actor. The combination of the two proved to be a huge success, right? 

Erm… not so much.

If you’re wondering how many Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movies there are, it’s not as many as you might think. The film was not a hit.


The number of Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movies

Image: ©DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. Pictures

When Green Lantern was released in cinemas, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures had high hopes for the movie. The film was being viewed as the beginning of a series of GL pictures, with Reynolds as the lead.

But when the movie opened in theatres it was met with a negative reaction. Critics disliked the movie, Green Lantern fans were disappointed, and general audiences simply didn’t show up.

Green Lantern cost $200 million to produce, but only made $219 million back. Taking into account additional marketing costs, which are not included in the production budget, and the film was a box office bomb.

Due to the negative response to the movie, as well as the disastrous financial returns, all plans for a Green Lantern sequel were quickly abandoned. As such, only one Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movie was produced – there were no sequels.

Image: ©DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. Pictures

Reynolds wasn’t too disappointed the series ended after just one movie. Since the film’s release, the actor has been quite vocal about how poor he felt the GL movie was and even lampooned Green Lantern in his Deadpool movies.

Would he ever play the character again? It is very doubtful. Warner Bros. moved on from Green Lantern, developing movies based on other DC characters (Man of SteelWonder WomanShazam etc), and Reynolds moved on to other projects.

So, how many Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movies were there? Just the one and there is unlikely to be any more.


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