In 1941, comic book superhero, Superman, took to the big screen to become the star of an animated short titled ‘Superman’ (aka ‘The Mad Scientist’). The short – produced by Fleischer Studios – followed the story of Superman’s battle with an evil scientist, who threatens the planet with his ‘Electrothanasia-Ray’, and was filled with beautiful animation and a thrilling story.

With the Superman short proving popular with audiences, further animated shorts followed. These shorts saw Superman encounter various vile villains, and each was adored by fans.

Between 1941 and 1943, a total of 17 Superman shorts were produced. Nine were produced by Fleischer Studios, while the remaining 8 came from Famous Studios.

But if you missed the shorts the first time around, or you have never seen these short little slices of Superman action, then you may wish to hunt them down to give them a watch. You may also need a handy episode list to follow – just like the one set out below.



A list of every Fleischer Superman short

Below is a list of all 17 Superman shorts from the 1940s.

Fleischer Studios

  • 01) Superman (aka ‘The Mad Scientist’) (1941)
  • 02) The Mechanical Monsters (1941)
  • 03) Billion Dollar Limited (1942)
  • 04) The Arctic Giant (1942)
  • 05) The Bulleteers (1942)
  • 06) The Magnetic Telescope (1942)
  • 07) Electric Earthquake (1942)
  • 08) Volcano (1942)
  • 09) Terror on the Midway (1942)

Famous Studios

  • 10) Japoteurs (1942)
  • 11) Showdown (1942)
  • 12) Eleventh Hour (1942)
  • 13) Destruction, Inc. (1942)
  • 14) The Mummy Strikes (1943)
  • 15) Jungle Drums (1943)
  • 16) The Underground World (1943)
  • 17) Secret Agent (1943)

It is worth noting that all 17 shorts are in the public domain, so are widely available. However, some versions of the shorts which have popped up on ‘cheap-release’ DVDs in the past, do not look good, so be mindful where you watch them.

All 17 Superman shorts have been converted into high-definition, so to see the best version of the shorts, be sure to seek out the HD copies.



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