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What is The Many Deaths of the Batman?

The Caped Crusader is being targeted – or so it appears – in The Many Deaths of the Batman.

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How many Flashpoint books are there?

In 2011, DC Comics began publishing Flashpoint – a time-altering event series, centred around the Flash. The comic – which told the story of an alternate universe, where classic characters looked and acted very differently – proved popular with readers and spanned five regular issues, as well as numerous tie-in comics. If you missed out…

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How many Batman: The Dark Knight Detective books are there?

In 2018, DC Comics began publishing a series of paperback books under the banner heading, ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Detective’. The books reprinted classic stories from the pages of Detective Comics, as well as Detective Comics Annual. Each volume of Batman: The Dark Knight Detective contained a collection of tales from various creators including Alan…

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