The following post is a review of the Lego Batmobile Pursuit of the Joker set (Lego model 76119). This is a Lego set I recently picked up, and is part of the Batman 80th Anniversary range – a collection of toys and collectables released to celebrate 80 years of the Caped Crusader.

This Lego Batmobile Pursuit of the Joker set is a 342 Piece Lego set which includes a full-sized Batmobile, along with two mini figures: Batman and the Joker. Both figures are new to this set and include accessories, such as Batarangs for Batman and a stud-firing gun for the Joker.

The Batmobile is a new design, which takes inspiration from a number of Batmobiles of the past, including the model from the 1989 Batman movie. The vehicle measures 24cm in length and includes multiple moving parts, including a canopy that opens to allow access to the steering wheel, and a hood which lifts up to reveal a front grill, two adjustable side guns, and an afterburner which rotates when the car is in motion.

The cost of the set is around £25 from most retailers. It comes packaged up in an 80th anniversary branded box, which includes a detailed instruction booklet.


The build

I built this model earlier today. Upon opening the box, I was greeted by three bags and an instruction booklet. Each of the bags was numbered (1-3) and from a quick glance at the instruction booklet I could see that the bags were to be opened one at a time, in order to build the various sections of the Batmobile (and avoid confusion).

I opened the first bag and worked my way through the instructions to put together the first third of the model. It was very straight forward – the model is suitable for ages 7 and up – however, I will admit I did take one small section apart as I made a tiny mistake (which was easily rectified).

The first section took me around 20 minutes to complete and focused largely on creating the frame of the vehicle. As is often the case with Lego models, once I had completed this section, I found I had a small collection of spare parts (5-6 pieces) that were included as extras.

I then set to work on the second bag, which added more weight to the model and helped to bulk it out. This section – which was also simple to follow – took me around 30 minutes to complete.

The final bag included the pieces that gave it the aesthetic of the Batmobile, including the Batsymbol hubcaps, the rear fins, and the outer shell. Once again, this section proved to be problem-free and I spent around another 30 minutes working on it.

In total, the Lego Batmobile Pursuit of the Joker model took me approximately 1 hour 20 minutes (or 80 minutes) to build. A couple of the instructions made me pause for a moment, but overall the construction was straight forward.

It is rare that I get time to just sit and relax, so setting aside time to construct this model was an absolute joy (and a very peaceful 80 minutes). It was a solo build – I don’t have children or Lego enthusiasts in the house – but I would have had just as much fun putting this together with someone else.

In fact, while constructing this set, I was instantly whisked back to Christmases and birthdays of the past, when I would sit with my dad or my brother to put a model together. A joyous time indeed.




I will say this from the very start of this review section – I think this Batmobile model is superb. Not only does it look good, it is so reasonably priced that it I believe it is a must-buy item.

Lego sets can be quite pricey, especially iconic vehicles and playsets, so when I saw this set on sale for £25 I was instantly taken back by the cost. £25 for a Batmobile seemed too good to be true, yet I checked a number of retailers and found that pretty much all of the major stores (except a couple) had this at the same price point.


Figuring it was worth picking up for that price alone I took a chance on it and I am so glad that I did. If you are checking out this review because you have children and you are wondering if to pick it up for a present, then do it. If you can afford the £25, then this is the type of set that will result in the construction of many happy memories.

But it isn’t just the build that is fun – the vehicle itself is a hoot! Just look at it – how cool does it look?

As mentioned above, this Batmobile takes a great deal of inspiration from previous Batmobiles and features a long chassis, two large (adjustable) fins and one of my favourite details – a rotating afterburner!

This amber-yellow flame is connected to the rear wheels, so when the car moves back or forth, the flame appears to be moving by itself.

My second favourite detail are two side-mounted guns, which can be adjusted by hand to provide Batman with some fire power. The guns not only look the business, but they actually fire Lego studs too!

This Batmobile is suitable for one driver only (no room for a passenger I’m afraid), with the driver’s seat accessible from a canopy which tilts forward on a hinge. This is a neat touch which means minifigures can be placed in/taken out of the vehicle without any hassle.

And speaking of mini figures, the set comes with two – Batman and the Joker – but of course, this Lego set is compatible with every other Lego set on the market, so any minifigure can be placed in this vehicle if desired. So, if you are a minifigure collector, or you have other Batman Lego sets, you can mix and match the figures as you wish.

This sort of set was not available when I was a child – oh how I wish it was – but I am glad I can add it to my collection today. This is a sleek, expertly designed, fantastic-looking Batmobile that is perfect for young Batfans and serious Lego collectors.



OK, so I clearly liked this set. Now for a quick recap on all the major points.

  • Lego model: 76119
  • Age: 7+
  • Minifigures: 1 x Batman + 1 x Joker (both with accessories)
  • Measurements: 24cm long x 7cm high x 6cm wide
  • Pieces: 342
  • Approximate build time: 80 minutes
  • Retail price: £24.99 RRP

I honestly can’t recommend this enough – this would make a great gift. It was a heap of fun to build and the finished result is a great Batmobile that has a lot of playability and/or collectability.



I do hope you found this Lego Batmobile Pursuit of the Joker review useful. If you are Lego Batman fan, be sure to check out my post: All 55 villains in The Lego Batman Movie.

Alternatively, feel free to take a look around my blog for more Batman movie-related content.

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