Todd Phillips’ Joker is filled with many iconic moments. But arguably the most iconic moment in the entire movie involves the debut of the Clown Prince of Crime.

For the majority of the film, Joaquin Phoenix plays the role of Arthur Fleck – an unassuming man, struggling with mental health issues. It is only during the back-end of the picture that Phoenix transforms into Joker.

The scene – which sees Arthur/Joker dance down a set of steps – is a true standout sequence. But according to Joker Producer, Emma Tillinger Koskoff, it was also one of the most stressful moments of the entire production.


Speaking via The Hollywood Reporter, Tillinger Koskoff, said:

“The one scene that was very stressful for me was the stair dance, because Joaquin had been working on it for a while.

“And it’s really the first time you’re seeing the Joker, aside from the reveal in the room. This was an extremely important scene for him. His privacy while shooting the scene was of paramount importance to him.

“New York City has no paparazzi laws whatsoever. If you are in a public space, they can literally be at the camera. You can’t tell them to get off the set.”

She added:

“There was no way to shield him. That was a major stress to me, believe it or not, because I wanted desperately to protect that.

“I’m pretty sure we did. I’d have to go rummage through the internet, but I’m pretty sure we got away with it somehow.”

Thanks to the hard work and determination of the production crew, the moment played out as intended and provided audiences with an exciting and dramatic entrance for the Joker.

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