In 2003, DC Comics began publishing Superman/Batman – a team-up comic featuring the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader. Superman/Batman was a popular book and ran for 87 issues, five annuals, and one special.

If you missed out on the series the first time around, don’t worry, DC Comics has since republished (most of) the Superman/Batman comics through a series of trade paperbacks. Each volume collects together issues of Superman/Batman in chronological order.

If you are reading or collecting the Superman/Batman books, then you will need a list of all the titles that have been published so far – and that’s where this post comes in handy! Below is a list of all the books in DC’s Superman/Batman collection, to help you find the titles you are after.



A list of the Superman/Batman books

Image: ©DC Comics

To date, DC has published six volumes in the Superman/Batman series.

The books include:

  • Superman/Batman Vol 1 – Superman/Batman #1 – #13 and a short story from Superman/Batman Secret Files #1
  • Superman/Batman Vol 2 – Superman/Batman #14 – #26
  • Superman/Batman Vol 3 – Superman/Batman #27 – #36 and Superman/Batman Annual #1
  • Superman/Batman Vol 4 – Superman/Batman #37 – #49 and Superman/Batman Annual #2
  • Superman/Batman Vol 5 – Superman/Batman #50 – #63 and Superman/Batman Annual #3
  • Superman/Batman Vol 6 – Superman/Batman #64 – #75 and Superman/Batman Annual #4

Please note: A seventh volume was solicited by DC Comics, and was due to be published in 2019. Superman/Batman Vol 7 would have brought the collection to a conclusion by republishing issues #76 to #87, along with Superman/Batman Annual #5.

Shortly before its release, DC Comics cancelled the release of this book. So far, it has not been re-added to the DC publishing schedule.



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