Over the last few days, I have been keeping an eye on an eBay listing as I was very interested to see how it would end. The listing, which finished earlier today, was for a Batman Forever game on the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System).

But this was no ordinary Batman game – this was the Batman Forever Big Box Edition. If you know, you know.


The Batman Forever Big Box Edition was released in the UK as an exclusive to Woolworths and included a copy of Batman Forever on the SNES, a Making of the Video Game VHS tape, and a Batman Forever diary/notebook. All three items came bundled together in a black, cardboard outer case, which included the Batman Forever question mark logo on the front, and the Acclaim logo on the side.

The Batman Forever Big Box Edition is pretty hard to come by, and especially in good condition. The one that sold on eBay today was in very good condition.

Image: ©Warner Bros. Pictures

The seller included a short description of the set, which included the following: “Ok this is the holy grail of games…you know exactly it’s worth” (sic). And yep, it would seem the good users of eBay did now how much it was worth, as the item sold for a big chunk of change!

How much?

A whopping £732!

The lot – sold by a user called beatrxsme – began with a starting price of £200. It received a total of 32 bids, ending at £732.

This is an incredible amount, but a quick search on eBay highlights just how difficult it is to come by this item. There are currently no other copies available to buy on eBay, and no copies have sold recently.

The closest I could find to this listing was two listings containing just the diary/notebook alone. One of these listings was for £200, while the other is listed for £449.99.


So, the big question now is: Do you own one of these Batman Forever SNES Woolworths boxsets? And if so, is it in good condition?

If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions AND you want to part with it, then there are certainly buyers out there who are willing to take it off your hands.



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