In 2013, Beware the Batman aired on television. The series – produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment – aired on Cartoon Network in the US, and reintroduced the story of Batman for a new audience.

Unlike its predecessors, which utilised traditional forms of animation, Beware the Batman was a computer-animated show. The series starred Anthony Ruivivar as Bruce Wayne/Batman, while Kurtwood Smith played Commissioner Gordon, JB Blanc played Alfred Pennyworth, and Sumalee Montano played Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana.

If you have never watched Beware the Batman, but are keen to check out the episodes, below you will find a list of each story which featured in the series.



List of Beware the Batman episodes

Image: ©Warner Bros./DC Entertainment

Beware the Batman ran for one season comprising 26 episodes. The show aired from July 2013 to September 2014 and included the following episodes:

  • 1) Hunted
  • 2) Secrets
  • 3) Tests
  • 4) Safe
  • 5) Broken
  • 6) Toxic
  • 7) Family
  • 8) Allies
  • 9) Control
  • 10) Sacrifice
  • 11) Instinct
  • 12) Attraction
  • 13) Fall
  • 14) Darkness
  • 15) Reckoning
  • 16) Nexus
  • 17) Monsters
  • 18) Games
  • 19) Animal
  • 20) Doppelganger
  • 21) Unique
  • 22) Hero
  • 23) Choices
  • 24) Epitaph
  • 25) Twist
  • 26) Alone
Image: ©Warner Bros./DC Entertainment

Despite its short run on television, Beware the Batman was nominated for an Annie Award and four Daytime Emmy Awards. In addition, the cartoon spawned a comic book, also titled Beware the Batman.

What makes Beware the Batman stand out from other Batman cartoons is its cast of villains. Rather than focusing on well-known foes, such as the Joker or Penguin, Beware the Batman largely concentrated on lesser-known adversaries including Professor Pyg, Magpie, Anarky, Tobias Whale, The Key, amongst others.



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