If you have a young, budding Batfan in your household then chances are they like Batman toys and merchandise just as much as they like the Caped Crusader. That’s fantastic, unless you are stuck trying to find the perfect gift idea for them and you don’t know where to start!

Well, fear not, I can help! There are many, many great gifts for young Batman fans – which are age appropriate and perfect for kids.

Below is a guide to six gift ideas for kids who are Batman fans.



Scooby-Doo Meets Batman (DVD/Digital)

Image: ©Warner Bros./Hanna-Barbera/DC Entertainment

I have written a very detailed post about this animated offering, so I highly recommend you click on the highlighted link for the full rundown, but in short this is a home video title featuring Scooby-Doo and the Caped Crusader. This title is not a film, but rather two extended, Batman-themed episodes of Scooby-Doo that have been collected together in one release.

Available on DVD and digital, Scooby-Doo Meets Batman is a very wallet-friendly release that is extremely popular with parents. The title – which has a U certificate in the UK – has been available since 2008 and remains in circulation as a consistent seller for Warner Bros.

  • Cost: £3 – £8 depending on the format


The Lego Batman Movie (DVD/Blu-ray/Digital)

Image: ©Warner Bros./Lego/DC Entertainment

Sticking with home video, if you are after a superb Batman film that is perfect for children (as well as adults) then look no further than The Lego Batman Movie (2017). This animated adventure features Will Arnett in the role of Batman, in what is a hilarious tale about family, friendship and team work.

The Lego Batman Movie offers plenty of action for young audiences, along with many in-jokes for older Batfans. The film is available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital.

  • Cost: £3.99 – £9.99 depending on the format


Lego Batmobile Pursuit of the Joker

If Lego Batman is something you know your little Batfan will love, then an accompanying Batman playset is also a winner. What is a great set to get? The Lego Batman Batmobile Pursuit of the Joker set, which is a really good, cost-friendly toy.

The 342-piece construction set includes a full-sized Batmobile, with various moving parts, along with two minifigures: Batman and the Joker. At a recommended retail price of £25, this is one of the best Lego Batman sets on the market.

If you would like further details on this product – including a full review – check out my post: Lego Batman Batmobile Pursuit of the Joker review – A must buy.

  • Cost: £24.99


Batman Funko Pop! figures

If you have kids, nieces/nephews or you are an adult collector, then you will be more than familiar with Funko Pop! figures – four-inch high toys that come in all different varieties. From He-Man and Care Bears, to The Avengers, Spider-Man and Power Rangers, there are many Funko Pop! figures available on the market, including an extensive range of Batman Pop! figures.

If you want Batman movie figures, then Funko can offer you the likes of Batman ’89 and Batman Forever toys. Alternatively, a collection of Batman: The Animated Series figures is also available.

Funko Pop! figures are widely available, with most retailing around £10.99. Some of the Animated Series Funkos can be found for around £5.

  • Cost: £5-£10.99 per figure


JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time (Digital)

Image: ©Warner Bros./DC Entertainment

Back to movies now and this time it is an animated feature starring not just Batman, but the entire Justice League. The film – JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time – is an action adventure story about time travel and includes villains such as Lex Luthor.

JLA Adventures is a great film for kids, but can also be enjoyed by the whole family. At 52 minutes running time it will also keep the younger Batfans occupied before their attention span wanes.

This film is currently available on digital.

  • Cost: £8


Batman Adventures (Trade paperback/Comics)

Image: ©Warner Bros./DC Comics

And finally, if you want to encourage reading then a perfect choice would be DC Comics’ series of Batman Adventures trade paperbacks. Each book reprints a number of issues from the popular Batman Adventures comics of the 1990s (i.e. the comic based on Batman: The Animated Series).

When the comics were originally printed they were aimed at younger readers, so they favour visuals over lengthy dialogue. These tales can be enjoyed by adults and work very well as a simple way to explore reading for those looking to get into comics.

  • Cost: Around £15


I hope you have found this Batman kids gift guide useful. Hopefully this information has pointed you in the right direction to ensure you can find the ideal gift.

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