Get into a conversation with someone about the Batman movie series and chances are, at some point during the discussion, the subject of Batman’s nipples will come up. You can tell yourself “that’s crazy talk”, but the cold hard truth is, there are a lot of people out there who are obsessed with Bat-nipples.

But why? Why do Batman movie fans love to bring up the subject of Batman’s nipples?

What’s the deal with Batman’s nipples?

When Batman first started to appear on screen, either in the black and white serials of the 1940s, or in Batman: The Movie from 1966, no one thought about the Caped Crusader’s nipples. It was likely that Lewis Wilson, Robert Lowery and Adam West all had their respective share of nipples, but no one really felt the need to think about it and/or speak of it. And why would they? They certainly weren’t on show and anyway, Batman’s nipples were Batman’s business and no one else’s!

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So, when did the obsession with Bat-nips begin?

Well, to answer that question I must point you in the direction of two films: Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & Robin (1997). In Batman Forever, the Caped Crusader is played by Val Kilmer and in Batman & Robin he is played by George Clooney.

Why I bring you to these two films is because this is where the subject of Bat-nipples first arose. It is in these two films that Batman’s nipples got screen time and became the source of much discussion ever since. 

So, what do I mean exactly, when I say “Batman’s nipples”? 

Well, what I (and many other people) are referring to are the nipples that appear on Batman’s Batsuits in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. The nipples don’t appear on every suit worn by the Dark Knight – just two of them – but they are there, just take a look.

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The first suit worn by Val Kilmer throughout the majority of Batman Forever has nipples, while the first suit worn by George Clooney in Batman & Robin also has nipples. Towards the end of each movie, both actors change their suits and in both cases, the suits become nipple-less.

Chris O’Donnell who plays the role of Robin in each film also wears a suit that sports nipples. One suit in Batman Forever and two in Batman & Robin.


Why do the suits have nipples?

Image: ©Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Entertainment

When the suits were created for these movies, they were designed around the male form. A decision was made to add nipples (as men have nipples) and that’s why some of the suits feature this part of the anatomy.

Why are nipples on Batman’s Batsuit so controversial? 

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The nipples on the Batsuits are deemed somewhat controversial because none of the Batman films that came before Batman Forever featured suits with nipples. It simply wasn’t something that was considered, and the inclusion of the nipples seemed rather perplexing to some fans.

It should also be noted that in Batman & Robin, the character of Batgirl is introduced and she is given her own Batsuit. Yet this suit does not feature nipples. Some people have argued that if Batman and Robin can wear suits with nipples, then why should Batgirl be excluded?

Do people get really mad about Batman’s nipples?

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Nowadays, the subject of Batman’s nipples has become something of a joke or a way to dismiss Batman Foreverand Batman & Robin as less important Batman movies. However, back during the 1990s, when the films were getting more attention, some Bat-fans were pretty angry about the nipples.

What is the biggest misconception about the Bat-nipples?

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When it comes to the Bat-nipples there are a couple of misconceptions. 

The first misconception is that every Batsuit in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin has nipples. As stated above, that’s not true.

The second misconception is that people were angry about the nipples from when they first appeared in Batman Forever. That’s also not true – the reaction to the nipples only started to get vocal with the release of Batman & Robin.

When Batman Forever hit cinemas in 1995 some might have found the nipples a little strange, but no one really talked about it. However, when Batman & Robin arrived in 1997, and was met with a largely negative response from critics and audiences alike, that’s when the nipples became a hot topic – and has remained a subject of discussion ever since.

Do nipples on the Bat-suit really matter?

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Some people really do not like seeing nipples on the Bat-suit. Other people really don’t care. It is a case of each to their own.

I hope this information on Batman’s nipples has proved useful. Should you want to remain abreast of more Batman posts, then keep your browser focused on I’ll Get Drive-Thru.

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