The holidays are on the horizon and that means the countdown to Christmas is on. Some mark the occasion with an advent calendar, ticking off the days as they go by; while others will put up decorations, watch a few festive films, and bake some cookies.

But this year, why not break from the norm and turn the countdown to Christmas into a Harley Holiday or a Bat-vent Calendar. Instead of focusing on Christmas themed activities, why not treat yourself to a 24-day marathon devoted purely to Harley Quinn, Batman or the Joker?!

The idea here is to set aside some time to reconnect with the characters you love. The run-up to Christmas gets very hectic, and as a result stress levels rise, and we can all become detached from the things we enjoy – but we don’t have to.

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Instead of spending the majority of December in a daze, wishing away the hours until the holidays kick-in, refocus and create a happy space around Batman and his colourful cast of characters. Whether it is 30 minutes each day, an hour, or (if you can spare it) two hours, take yourself off to somewhere quiet and indulge in the Dark Knight.

If you want a Bat-vent Calendar countdown, then line up 24 days of activities purely about Batman. This could include watching Batman movies, reading Batman comics, or playing Batman games.

Likewise, if you want a Harley Holiday, organise 24 days of Harley Quinn-related content. Day one could include an episode of the Harley animated series, day two could see you reading a Harley comic, and so on.

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Across the course of the 24 days, not only will you be giving yourself something to look forward to, and a source of respite during the crazy season, but you will also be able to catch up on Bat-activities that you would otherwise put off. That copy of Batman: White Knight that has been sitting next to your nightstand for the past six months? Now is the time to read it!

And remember, you don’t have to line-up 24 different activities, you could simply choose one Batman graphic novel or cartoon series that you have been itching to get into, and divide it up into 24 sessions where you can polish it off throughout December. The aim is to enjoy the time you spend with Batman, Harley, or any Gothamite that grabs your attention, while giving yourself some ‘me’ time.

Need some inspiration for your Bat-marathon? No sweat – I’m here to help.

Below you will find a ‘mock-up’ of a Bat-vent Calendar countdown. This includes 24 different Batman themed activities, for 24 days of December.

Bat-vent Calendar

  • Day 1: Batman: The Animated SeriesChristmas with the Joker (1992) (TV)
  • Day 2: BatmanHaunted Knight (comic)
  • Day 3: BatmanThe Batman Nobody Knows (comic)
  • Day 4: Chase Me (2003) (short)
  • Day 5: CatwomanHer Sister’s Keeper (comic)
  • Day 6: Batman: The Brave and the BoldMayhem of the Music Meister! (2009) (TV)
  • Day 7: Batman BeyondMeltdown (1999) (TV)
  • Day 8: Batman ’66The Lost Episode (comic)
  • Day 9: GothamPilot (TV)
  • Day 10: Joker (2019) (movie)
  • Day 11: Harley Quinn Til Death Do Us Part (TV)
  • Day 12: BatmanYear One (comic)
  • Day 13: Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (2018)
  • Day 14: BatmanThe Fatal Wish (comic)
  • Day 15: Batman Begins (2005) (movie)
  • Day 16: The Dark Knight (2008) (movie)
  • Day 17: The Dark Knight Rises (2012) (movie)
  • Day 18: Batman: The Animated SeriesHarley’s Holiday (1994) (TV)
  • Day 19: Batman – The Cape and Cowl Deathtrap (comic)
  • Day 20: Justice League UnlimitedEpilogue (2005) (TV)
  • Day 21: Batman: The Movie (1966) (movie)
  • Day 22: BatmanThe Cult (comic)
  • Day 23: Batman: The Animated Series – Holiday Knights (1997) (TV)
  • Day 24: Batman Returns (1992) (movie)

The above Bat-vent Calendar countdown is crammed full of content, some of which can be consumed in a short timeframe, some of which takes a little longer. With the example above I have combined TV shows, movies, comics, and shorts to round out the 24 days, but your countdown could look very different depending on what you have access to or what you want to consume.

If you have lots of Batman comics you want to get through (perhaps a specific run) then fill all 24 days with those comics. Heck, why not pick one specific era of Batman, or a specific content creator you have always wanted to check out (Norm Breyfogle, Tom King, Dennis O’Neil etc), and focus your time on comics which fit this category.

Work out how you want to spend your December, plan your time and content wisely, and indulge. The holiday season can be more than just tinsel and baubles, it can be Bat-themed, Harley-themed, Mr. Freeze-themed or whatever you want to make it.



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